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How a used stool can be as good as new

When you buy horse equipment, you can deal with two options: there are new equipment, and there are also used equipments. In order to choose between these two alternatives, it is possible to highlight several criteria and to base oneself on the latter in order to choose one or the other.

The advantages and disadvantages of new equipment

Buying a new saddle makes it possible to benefit from several advantages. First, we are the first user of the equipment. We also have a multitude of choices in terms of shape, design, style and finish. In addition, we can even make the custom order according to needs and desires. It is therefore possible to make customizations of any kind. For example, you can put the name of the rider or animal on the saddle. We can also choose the material with which we manufacture the equipment: leather, plastic, gel etc. The constraint on the purchase of new horse equipment is generally at the price level. Compared to a used saddles, a new saddle or stool is much more expensive. Therefore, you have to prepare a substantial budget if you want to acquire it.

The advantages and disadvantages of used equipments

A used saddles is easily accessible. Its price is much more affordable than a new saddle. Given that a saddle is already in use, it is practically more flexible than a new one. It thus adapts more easily to its user and the animal. It therefore appears to be lighter and easier to use. As for quality, used stools are as good as new stools. If they are still shelved, it is because they are still in very good condition. They are robust and resistant. However, a used saddle is rarely customizable. Admittedly, one could add scratches but one can not always modify their shape or their style. We must therefore be satisfied with the initial design. But this should not be a brake to buy because these second-hand equipment have many advantages.

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